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Nome Jubilee Clips Ltd
Descrizione Jubilee®is a registered trade mark of L Robinson & Co (Gillingham) Ltd. In 1921 we invented the worm drive hose clip and we have been manufacturing them ever since. These days, we are not the only manufacturer of hose clip and clamping materials, but we are still the finest, setting the standard to which our competitors aspire. Jubilee® Clip guarantees you quality, reliability, value and service. Remember: not all hose clips are Jubilee® Clips, but all Jubilee®Clips are manufactured to exacting standards and delivered with exceptional service - because we believe looking after our customers today, looks after our business for tomorrow
Indirizzo (riga 1) Owens Way
Indirizzo (riga 2)
Provincia Kent
Paesi United Kingdom
Codice di avviamento postale ME7 2RS
Telefono +44 (0)1634 281200
Fax +44 (0)1634 280101
Sito web aziendale