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Nome McKees Rocks Forgings Products
Descrizione McKees Rocks Forgings produces a wide range of high quality forged circular products for use in the industrial market including crane wheels, crane trolley wheels, industrial wheels, sheave wheels, gear blanks, forged steel wheels, forged rollers, and various other circular forgings. In addition to the standard forging specifications featured in our product brochures, we are able to produce almost any closed-die circular forging and crane wheel to your blueprint specifications. We make forgings from 10 to 52 inches in diameter and in weights up to 3,000 pounds in almost any steel grade. Various line card items are presented here for your use.
Indirizzo (riga 1) 75 Nichol Ave.
Indirizzo (riga 2)
Provincia Pennsylvania
Paesi United States
Codice di avviamento postale 15136
Telefono 800-223-2818
Fax 412-778-2025
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